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Alaska Cleaning Centre was established in 1991, Alaska Cleaning Center has developed a high profile approach to the Marble & Carpet cleaning, restoration, sealing, and care of all forms of natural and men made stones and Carpet throughout the UAE & Overseas. We have developed systems to solve cleaning and restoration of all forms of Marble and Carpet, matchless services of the staff, uncompromising quality of goods and services, maximum customer satisfaction, effective customer staff relationship are the hall-marks of ALASKA.

Marble maintaining has become a unique feature of the company, the service of which has won the appreciation of multinational companies in Qatar & UAE resulting in establishing a covetous contact with Hotel Marriott International.

The company has journeyed from excellence to excellence in the modern sophisticated and competitive field of business, where marketing has become really a challenge. Regular and periodical training for the staff adds to their efficiency which paves way for the growth of our business.

 Alaska (Qatar)

  • Associated and Affiliated Companies
  • Rafale Catering
  • Alaska Cleaning center L.L.0
  • Alaska Equipments Company.
  • Advance Cleaning Equipments Company.
  • Advance Chemical Manufacturing Company
  • Q Express Laundry

Company Divisions

Alaska Cleaning Company comprises the following divisions:-

  • Cleaning & Contracting Division
  • Chemicals Division
  • Hygiene & Janitorial Division
  • Equipment Division
  • Laundry Division
  • Linen Division
Manufacturers' Representation
Alaska holds several agencies of reputed international companies.

Ecolab Chemicals (USA), Kay chemicals (USA). Bridge Point Chemicals (USA), Comac Machines (Italy), Nilfisk Advance, Machine (Dennmark), Camry Vacuum Machine (Malaysia)

Maxi cleaning Equipments (Italy), Filmop Janitorial Equipments (Italy), Proandure Hygiene Products (Spain), Janex pad (USA), Abrasivos Aguila Marble Products (Spain)